Petroleum Spill, Phase II & III ESA

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Spectra was retained by a large bus company to provide a Phase II and Phase III Environmental Site Assessment and Remedial Action Plan.  The Phase II subsurface investigation determined the extent of petroleum constituents left in the soil and groundwater from previously operating underground storage tanks.  The Phase II investigation concluded that volatile organic contaminates and semi-volatile organic contaminates in soil and groundwater were in excess of NYSDEC recommended soil cleanup guidance values at two primary locations.

Based on the findings of the Phase II investigation, Spectra prepared a remedial action plan (Phase III), which results in the excavation and disposal of approximately 987 tons of petroleum impacted soil from the ground surface to approximately seven feet below grade. A series of groundwater monitoring wells were installed to monitor groundwater attenuation.

Spectra implemented a groundwater monitoring program to confirm that groundwater contamination is trending downward toward regulatory groundwater standards. Spectra provided groundwater monitoring on a quarterly basis.

The subsequent sample results indicated a significant downward trend in the concentration of petroleum contaminants.  A final report and request for closure was prepared for submittal to the DEC, and the DEC subsequently closed the site.

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