Region 3 & 7 Bridge Inspections

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  • Bridge Inspection

The 2010-2011 Biennial Bridge Inspection (D030701) was the second contract in Regions 3 and 7 that Spectra completed  (the first was D030513 from 2008-2009). The project consisted of the yearly inspection of approximately 490 bridges/625 spans in the central New York area.

Each bridge inspection consisted of a visual assessment, field photographs, inventory verification, level 2 load rating, field measurements, sketches, and computerized report preparation. Spectra also completed level 1 load ratings and in-depth inspections as part of the contract. Spectra provided two of the three inspection teams needed for this contract.

The bridges inspected vary from one-lane, simple spans and culverts to multi-lane, multi-span structures and include stone masonry and concrete arches, simple and continuous multi-girders, cast-in-place concrete slabs, pre-stressed concrete box beams, timber arches and multi-girders, jack arches, pipe culverts, plate and through-girders, and steel trusses.  Spectra used the latest inspection equipment to access hard-to-reach places for the required hands-on inspection.

This is the second time that Spectra has performed as prime consultant for the Biennial and Interim Bridge Inspections in Regions 3 & 7.

 The NYSDOT Project Manager stated, “The Project Manager is competent and highly qualified. He is also a highly qualified bridge inspection Team Leader, technically proficient in bridge inspection procedures. The Quality Control Engineer is very good. The reports submitted were of very good quality with minimal or no errors. The Load Rating Engineer is proficient and capable.”  The review concluded with: “I would be happy to recommend this firm for future NYSDOT projects based on the performance of all the people evaluated and the overall general work performance of the firm on the contract.”