Portfolio Category: Inspections

Barnhart Island Bridge Inspection

Spectra performed a hands-on inspection of the Barnhart Island Bridge over the south channel of the St. Lawrence River. The bridge is a three-span modified Warren through-truss with a segmentally straight parabolic shape upper chord. The structure has a center span of 508 feet 6 inches and the two ends spans are each 282 feet…
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Regions 8 and 9 Large Culvert Inspections

Spectra provided bridge/culvert inspection services for the 2013-2014 Large Culvert Inspections for NYSDOT Regions 8 and 9. Each bridge inspection consists of a visual assessment, field photographs, inventory verification, field measurements, sketches, and computerized report preparation for all 1,400 state owned culverts in the two regions. Spectra provided two of the four inspection teams needed…
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Region 3 & 7 Bridge Inspections

The 2010-2011 Biennial Bridge Inspection (D030701) was the second contract in Regions 3 and 7 that Spectra completed  (the first was D030513 from 2008-2009). The project consisted of the yearly inspection of approximately 490 bridges/625 spans in the central New York area. Each bridge inspection consisted of a visual assessment, field photographs, inventory verification, level…
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