Portfolio Tag: subsurface investigation

GPR & Geotchnical Investigation at Dynegy

Spectra provided a geotechnical investigation and a ground penetrating radar survey for the replacement of a duct bank for a power station. The existing duct bank had been damaged by settlement related to clay subsoil that rested upon a karst limestone foundation. Several hundred linear feet of new duct bank and new manholes were designed…
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GPR Investigation at Mott Haven

Spectra performed a sub-surface investigation using ground penetrating radar along two miles of roadway in the Bronx to identify possible areas of structural concern in the pavement. Utilizing multiple frequency radar antennas (400 MHz, 1600MHz), Spectra was able to determine pavement thickness and identify potential subsurface voids. The radar data that was collected was used…
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GPR along the Major Deegan Expressway

Spectra performed a geophysical investigation along the northbound lane of the Major Deegan Expressway in the Bronx, near the intersection of 167th Street and Sedgewick Avenue. The purpose of the investigation was to confirm the location of an existing underground NYCDEP chamber and to assess whether there were geophysical anomalies or other underground features present…
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