Surveying & Ground Penetrating Radar

Spectra’s licensed surveying crew is proficient in all areas of land surveying, including GPS and GIS systems and construction stakeout. Furthermore, Spectra’s ground penetrating radar crew is experienced at providing investigations into utility locations and pavement thickness/quality.

  • ALTA surveys
  • As-built surveys
  • Boundary surveys
  • Cadastral surveys
  • Construction surveys and stakeouts
  • Control surveys
  • Elevation/floodplain surveys
  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Hydrographic and underwater surveys
  • Lot surveys
  • Mining and subsurface surveys
  • Photogrammetric surveys
  • Sub-surface investigations
  • Subdivision and site plan surveys
  • Topographic surveys

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is most highly used and successful for locating buried objects. GPR can be used to identify the location and depths of buried objects such as tanks, lines, utilities, or unmarked gravesites. It can also be used to identify fill material, chloride concentrations, and the top of shallow bedrock. GPR is more cost efficient than soil borings and can be used to survey large areas. Our technicians have performed numerous GPR investigations with results that have been backed up by coring data. GPR investigations have real-time capability, which allows us to have rapid turnaround time with data. Spectra also has capability to provide electromagnatic scanning (EM), which is highly sensitive to subsurface metal objects. View our PROJECTS page, which illustrates some ways we have used GPR investigations.


The Leader in Quality

Spectra is on DEC’s Qualified Remedial Consultants list and has been pre-qualified to perform investigation work at hazardous waste, petroleum, and Brownfield sites in New York State. Our staff has performed dozens of Phase I/Phase II investigations at contaminated sites, environmental impact assessments, subsurface hydrogeologic investigations, and remediation projects. Our experience includes Brownfield redevelopment projects, petroleum and UST tank remediation (oversight of more than 200 individual tank removals), pesticide site cleanup, groundwater assessment/remediation projects, and technical support at New York State and Federal Superfund sites.

Spectra is also a leader in subsurface imaging, combining our traditional consulting practice with cutting edge technologies to non-destructively inspect and map the conditions inside and below infrastructure systems and underground. We work closely with our strategic business partner and technology dveloper/owner, Underground Imaging Technologies (UIT), to perform non-invasive surveys using state-of-the-art systems that produce 3-dimensional constructions of subsurface features. The UIT Systems are the most advanced subsurface imaging techniques available in the United States and Spectra is an exclusive provider of these services in New York State.

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